An international museum and cultural stakeholders’ conference enriched by satellite events, organized yearly at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece. It acts as a global platform of expertise for the wellbeing of cultural organizations and the communities they serve, fostering the production and exchange of ideas and the facilitation of networks between culture and arts professionals from all over the world.













Founded in 2011 by one of the leading cultural organizations in Greece, the Benaki Museum, in collaboration with two prime stakeholders in culture and education, the U.S. Embassy in Athens and the British Council, this is more than a conference.

As the result of a 10-year powerful partnership, it aims to unlock the collaborative spirit and boost the human capital of museums, cultural organizations and  nonprofits as well as independent initiatives, build capacity and trust, facilitate connections and synergies, encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas and practices, deal with contemporary challenges, and set a benchmark for co-imagining and co-designing a shared culture-centred future worldwide.


Lead Coordinator

Sophia Handaka, Benaki Museum

Eleni Alexaki,

U.S. Embassy Athens

Ioanna Koutsounanou,

U.S. Consulate Thessaloniki

Maria Papaioannou,

British Council

Chrysoula Melidou,

British Council

Katerina Galani,

British Council

Katerina Gkoutziouli,

CoMuseum Project Manager


Adam Rozan (U.S.)

Smithsonian's National Museum of American History



The Benaki Museum is an innovative cultural institution, where the arts of Europe, the Islamic world, China, Africa and the Americas engage in dialogue with Greek culture and contemporary movements, across a network of seven museum buildings, four archival departments, an extensive library, seven conservation laboratories in Athens, Greece, and the Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House in Kardamyli.

The Benaki Museum aims to preserve and make accessible as widely as possible its diverse collections through all available channels of communication and display; support research onto history, archaeology and the study of material culture, architecture, photography, visual and performing arts, and literature; educate and engage its audiences through permanent, temporary and travelling exhibitions, courses, programmes, events, publications and openly available resources; play an active role in fostering social cohesion, safeguarding world heritage and inspiring intercultural dialogue; and maintain a dynamic connection with ongoing cultural processes in Greece and beyond.

Βy systematically initiating, welcoming or supporting opportunities for working together and learning from each other, the Benaki Museum has evolved into a collaborative space where new ideas are produced and challenges affecting the global cultural ecosystem are collectively met.

For more information see benaki.org and our official social media profiles @TheBenakiMuseum at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest


The U.S. Embassy has been a partner of the Museum Conference since its establishment in 2011, and supports it as a flagship program that offers capacity-building opportunities for cultural professionals in Greece. 

U.S. Embassy’s support for this conference comes in the context of the strong cooperation the U.S. and Greece have had for decades. Every year, thousands of American and Greek citizens participate in cross-cultural educational programs in each other’s nations. Artists, educators, athletes, students, youth, and rising leaders in the United States and Greece participate in academic, cultural, sports, and professional exchanges. The U.S. Embassy in Athens supports and furthers these exchanges in order to strengthen the people-to-people ties between the two countries.

For more information on these programs and many others, please visit the U.S. Embassy Facebook page.


The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. we do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with -changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust.

We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Last year we reached over 80 million people directly and 791 million people overall including online, broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body. 

For more information visit our Arts Programmes page.  
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The CoMuseum International Advisory Committee is established to provide input, expertise and support for the CoMuseum's main activities.


The CoMuseum International Advisory Committee acts as an advisory group of experts to increase international interaction, share best practices in the field, and advise on:

  • the annual strategic plan,

  • the development of a global museum professional community,

  • key directions and trends in the international museum sector

  • the marketing and communication strategies locally and worldwide.


The CoMuseum International Advisory Committee will provide feedback and programme guidance to the project team, act as an advocacy group and will take actions to ensure the programme’s long-term sustainability. Having a group of experts with us will help us increase professional and community involvement towards promoting the evolution of the museum sector in Greece and internationally.


The CoMuseum International Advisory Committee comprises people of different backgrounds with a great professional expertise relevant to the cultural field, including cultural managers, directors of museums, policy makers, social thinkers, creatives, academics and artists.


Our Committee members so far are: –and more TBA soon

  • Adam Rozan, Director of Programs and Audience Development Smithsonian's National Museum of American History


We thank all members of our Committee for their invaluable support and time and we are excited to have them on board!




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